Boyup Brook Country Music Festival shows Collie talent

Local teenager Shae Digney has found herself following in her teacher's footsteps as she qualifies for the finals at the Boyup Brook Country music Festival, along with fellow Collie musician Serra Anne.

The Collie Mail sat down with the teen musicians to find out their journey in becoming a Junior Vocalist of Year finalist.

Singing since the moment she could talk and playing guitar since she was eight, Shae said she took the opportunity to show her song writing skills to the judges.

"I entered in two original songs rather than covers because I love to write and connect with people through my music," she said.

"My first song is called Reality and it's about being yourself and having your own reality rather than copying someone else.

"My other song is called Emotional Wreck and it's about going through tough times and can be interpreted in different ways by different people depending how they listen to it."

Hoping to one day study at the Western Australia Academy of Performing Arts and venturing into a career somewhere in the music realm, Shae said she was both excited and nervous to sing her originals at the festival.

Shae will perform at the Boyup Brook Country Music Festival on Friday February 14, with the junior vocalist performances beginning at 5:45pm.

To find our Serra's journey to the finals, pick up next week's edition of the Collie Mail.