Collie gin launch to highlight Aboriginal collaboration

Harris River Estate is expanding its horizons as it launches its first collaboration project with local Aboriginal people.

Tonight the local winery will launch its Boodja Gin and beer, a new line more than a year in the making with Beelagu Moort, a 100 per cent Aboriginal owned and operated company in Collie's Noongar Wilman Country.

Estate co-owner Julie Hillier said the husband and wife duo were extremely excited for the launch due to the true collaborative nature of the new line.

"Going into gin was an automatic transition for us, we have a spirit license, we make cider and beer as well so spirits was a natural next step for us," she said.

"We've been connected with the local indigenous community for a long time and we have a trusted relationship with the local elders.

"Tapping into their wealth of knowledge of country there's a depth and story to the gin which not only brings to life the plants, herbs and botanicals in the region, but it's an opportunity to raise the overall cultural awareness of the Noongar Wilman Country."

Being made from their wine grapes, the Boodja Gin will have a unique flavour from traditional sugar cane gin and follow the six Noongar seasons.

Mrs Hillier added as each season begins and the gin changes, the estate plans to host a Meet the Makers event to introduce enthusiasts to the unique flavours and their Aboriginal origins.

"For each season Beelagu Moort will lead and manage the foraging component of the gin and then work with Karl on the technical infusion part, so it's a real genuine collaboration," she said.

The gin and beer will be available for purchase and tasting at the Harris River Estate throughout the entire year.