Collie athletes receive metro success

On Saturday, February 8 two young athletes travelled to Perth to participate in two different events.

Under 12 Gemma Buckle competed in the State combined multi event at the WA Athletics stadium and Under 14 Noah Carter competed in Armadale at the annual Dale multi event.

Both athletes had a series of five events they participated in.

Gemma performed well, breaking a new personal best in her 200-metre event.

Her results were as follows: 200m in time of 30:81s; long jump 3.92m; hurdles 15:90s; shot put 9.07m. Unfortunately Gemma was unable to participate in the 800m and finished fifth overall.

Noah broke three new personal bests in the following: long jump with a jump of 4.11m; 100m 14:57s and hurdles 18:04s; discus 16.40m and 800m 2:42:85s, finishing third overall and winning a bronze medal.

This week 30 athletes took to the track and field with an extended program, with some athletes participating in as many as seven events.

Four records were broken and 68 personal bests.

This week's records were broken by:

Under 10 Xavier Stewart in 70m with a time of 10:84s;

Under 11 Oliver Stewart in hurdles with a time of 17:29s;

Under 12 Ada Gooch in hurdles with a time of 16:22s;

Under 14 Noah Carter in 800m with a time of 2:42:15s; this record had previously stood since 2012.

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