Maya's Magical Paintbrush - a young girl's crusade to help the homeless

Nine-year Ayla De Castro publishes book to help the homeless

At nine-years old Ayla De Castro has published her first book Maya's Magical Paintbrush, a story about a young girl who is homeless.

Ayla was inspired to write the book after she saw people sleeping rough and wanted to do something to help.

She decided to donate all the proceeds from her sales to the Salvation Army so they could help the homeless.

On Saturday, Ayla was at Barefoot Books in Busselton to talk about her book and held a question and answer session with MMM Southwest broadcaster Angie Ayers.

"The book is about a young girl called Maya who wishes she had a home because she is homeless," Ayla said.

"In the end she gets a home because a famous builder called Oscar, builds her one.

"I am giving the proceeds to the Salvation Army so I can help the homeless.

"They were really impressed.

"It felt really great to publish a book I always used to make paper books and I felt great doing that.

"To make an actual book is really good."

Ayla was mentored by the Book Incubator founder and creative director Kate Heaslip.

Her mum Catherine De Castro said Ayla did the story and illustrations herself and Ms Heaslip helped her put the book together.

"So far Ayla has donated $1,400 to the Salvation Army from her proceeds," she said.

"We have another $600 ready and hopefully some more after the book talk, she just wants to help.

"Ayla has been talking about this since she was six years old.

"When she was five she used to make paper flowers for the palliative care patients in hospital, and has done that every school holidays for the last three years."

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