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The Collie Mail, which was established in 1908, serves the people of Collie and the adjoining Shire of West Arthur. Combined the two shires’ population is almost 10,000.

The Collie Mail has close to total market penetration in this rich diversified area of south west WA through its intensive coverage of local news of the market which it serves.

Collie is nestled in the picturesque Collie River Valley. The area is half an hour from the coast and with its wide expanses of river water and natural beauty is fast becoming a focal point for tourists who visit the South West.

White water rafting, picnicking and touring the Collie River Valley are popular pursuits for visitors. In season, many people travel to Collie to catch the fresh water crustacean, marron.

Industries in the area range from sheep, wool and wheat farming in West Arthur to coal mining, alumina refining and power generation in Collie. Some of Australia’s finest merino wool is produced in the area.

Collie has a healthy industrial area, two supermarkets, two shopping centres and extensive education facilities which include a campus of the Curtin University and a Technical and Further Education Centre.

It has several government offices, two golf courses, two recreation centres and many sporting arenas.