Sport in Collie – August 17

Collie Hockey Association: Check out the lastest fixtures and results for men's, women's and junior hockey. Photo: supplied.
Collie Hockey Association: Check out the lastest fixtures and results for men's, women's and junior hockey. Photo: supplied.


Men’s Pennants: To all pennants members of the bowling club, names need to be on the board for men's pennants for Saturday and Tuesdays. Pennant fixtures have been finalised and are on the board. 

Ladies Pennants: The winner of Tuesday’s cards was Pat Rueben and on Thursday the winners were Margaret Gesue, Nora Keen and Margaret White. Names are required for the Pennants for Boyanup on the Saturdays for three of them. Pennant names are also required for Tuesday’s games. 

Sunday McCafe scroungers – August 13: A small field of bowlers played in the McCafe scroungers on Sunday. The rink winners were Gayle Riley, Ken Richards, John Waywood and Brian Bass. Final: 1st: Ken Richards; 2nd: Brian Bass; 3rd: John Waywood; 4th: Gayle Riley; Highest score: John Waywood; Consolation: Chris Sanford.    

Darts – ladies

Results from August 8

New Pines def Spades 8-3; New Pines highest peg Kirby Kaurin 40, highest score Loralee Dye 100, highest average Lisa Fitzgerald 40.42; Spades HP Kylie Holden 72, HS Julie Murphy 114, HA Kylie Holden 39.2.

Ridge One def Ridge Two 8-3; Ridge One HP Charntelle Shepherd 55, HS Tara Maoxen 134, HA Charntelle Shepherd 38.57; Ridge Two HP Laura Churchin 58, HS Laura Churchin 132, HA Aileen Strahan 37.15.

Federal def Workers One 7-4; Federal HP Mereana Tepaa 40, HS Paula King 103, HA Paula Rabaud 36.46; Workers One HP Lisa Carroll 58, HS Sue Shepherdson 135, HA Alicia Stallard 40.10.

Vic def Sheoaks 6-5; Vic HP Deonne Shepherdson 73, HS Jo Rinder 140, HA Deonne Shepherdson 45.25; Sheoaks HP Michelle Kendall 79, HS Dianne Hart 133, HA Dianne Hart 40.85.

Power def Workers Three 6-5; Power HP Kylie Nevermann 28, HS Julie Hall 98, HA Caroline Fitzgerald 41.89; Workers Three HP Selva Dutton 40, HS Jenny Shepherdson 115, HA Jenny Shepherdson 43.32.

Loco's def Workers Two 6-5; Loco's HP Michele Bastow 98, HS Bianca Hart 98, HA Michele Bastow 44.53; Workers Two HP Tash Burek 34, HS Sue Barrett 125, HA Tash Burek 38.82.

Champion of Champions Singles and Doubles August 19; 12pm start at Railways Club Hotel.

Golf – men’s

THE weather hampered the field size for the Physio Group South West Trophy Day. As in previous years with this event rain and wind was threatening all day. Alan Kent made a last minute decision to play and what a good choice he made. ‘AK’ returned a fine 37 points to win the event from 22 other players. Alan’s ability to steer the ball down the middle and keep his approach shots close to the green proved a necessary skill in tricky conditions. Warren Hann was the only other player to play to his handicap returning 36 and taking second place. Mick Finlay rounded out the trophy winners with a third place on 34. Jeff Crowe, Ed Riley and Steven Farquhar all had 31 followed by Garry Beard, Clayton Flynn and Trevor McCormick all on 30. The sponsors graciously supplied 18 novelties for the event which was well received by all the members competing.

Thursday Scroungers saw clear weather and good turnout of 37 players. Graeme Jackson was the eventual winner with 17 edging out Saturday’s winner Alan Kent and Dave Farr also on 17. Brian Banks, Roger Hunter and Steve Gianola returned 16 and Rodney Miller, Michael Jack and Rodney Simmonds had 15 apiece. Chris Stewart won the gross with a 39 off-the-stick.

Tuesday was a wash out. Next Saturday is the start of the club championship with the second round to be played on Sunday and the third and fourth rounds to be played the following weekend. Hopefully all can play with overall trophies on offer for nett and gross for A and B grades and Veterans as well.

Next week: Club Championship stroke – D. Cocker and G. Lee trophies; Tuesday leisure day; Thursday scroungers.

Junior football

A DISAPPOINTING result for the Collie boys who were up early for the 10am start in Dunsborough. The team orientated football that was clearly evident the week before went out the window unfortunately, just getting it and chucking it on the boot and hoping it hit a target does not make for good football. Collie started brightly enough with a strong breeze at their backs but try as they might could only manage to kick points. Five in total was not just reward, keeping Dunsborough well and truly in the contest. Things only got worse for the Collie boys as Dunsborough were able to push forward and slot two goals for themselves. The second quarter was a defensive slog as Collie tried valiantly to stay in the game holding Dunsborough to just one for the quarter but alas the forwards didn’t see much of it. Collie scored their first goal for the game in the third term through Luke Watts but again more points than goals left Collie with to much to do. The Collie boys continued to try hard in the final quarter and Jermaine Hart was able to kick a goal into the breeze but it was too little too late as Dunsborough ran out 25-point winners. It was a case of the usual suspects in Charlie Bell, Reece Pillati and Jermaine Hart who were best for Collie. Final scores: Dunsborough 6.12 (48) defeated Collie 2.11 (23); Goal scorers: Watts 1, Hart 1; Best players: Bell, Pillati, Hart.

Hockey – men’s

The Primary A season came to an end on Monday night with both teams enjoying a fun night on the turf followed by end of season presentations. Thanks go to all the parents and volunteers that have helped out throughout the year, and we hope you all enjoyed yourselves and return next year. 

Awards: Fairest and best: Payton Marley; Runner-up fairest and best: Reece Pilatti; Most improved: Hayden Fogarty; Coaches trophies: Adam Bateman, Charlie Bell; Encouragement awards: Luke Watts, Luke Battista, Josh Francis.


SWHL Friday, August 18: 8pm – Collie v Towns.

Men Saturday, August 19: 1.30pm – Patriots v Centaurs Red (V/C); 3pm – Co-op v Centaurs Green (M/P); 4.30pm – Mustangs v Vets (G/R).

Intermediates Monday, August 21: 5.30pm – Centaurs v Amaroo; 6.30pm – Centaurs v Co-op; Umpiring – Vets.


Men’s: Co-op 5 – B. Crowe 3, G. Old 2, B. Sanford defeated Vets 3 – B. Della, D. Maxwell, M. Shepherd; Best Co-op: G. Old, C. Sanford, J. Graham; Best Vets: C. Michalak, S. Shepherdson, B. Della.

Centaurs Green 9 – J. Pitchers 3, G. Shepherdson 3, G. Tomasini 2, J. Wilson defeated Centaurs Red 2 – B. Hingston 2; Best Centaurs Green: J. Wilson, J. Maxwell, J. Pitchers; Best Centaurs Red: B. Ingram, J. Bateman, J. Bury.

Patriots 1 – E. Williams drew Mustangs 1 – B. Johnson; Best Patriots: E. Williams, B. Forrest, P. Massara; Best Mustangs: C. Mumme, B. Johnson, P. Hann.

Collie SWHL: West 6 defeated Collie 0; Best Collie: G. Tomasini, C. Michalak, J. Pilatti.

Intermediates: Co-op 3 – B. Becker 2, L. Watts defeated Amaroo 2 – E. Fraser, K. Michalak; Best Co-op: M. Craker, C. Pike, B. Edwards; Best Amaroo: K. Michalak, E. Varis, A. Bonnell.

Amaroo 2 – K. Fleay, C. Broadbent defeated Centaurs 1 – J. Pitchers; Best Amaroo: E. Varis, K. Michalak, A. Bonnell; Best Centaurs: T. Read-Wallis, A. Bateman, J. Pitchers.

Hockey – women’s


Friday, August 18: 6pm – A2 Mustang v Vets (W. Marley, Panel), tech bench (Mustangs/Vets); 6.35pm – SWL Boyanup v Collie in Bunbury; 7.30pm – A2 Rovers v Swans (D. Shepherdson, S. Mumme), tech bench (Rovers/Swans). 

Sunday, August 20: 10.30am – A Mustangs v Swans (C. Jones, M. Pullan), tech bench (Mustangs/Swans); 12 noon – A Rovers v Amaroo (D. Shepherdson, Panel), tech bench (Rovers/Amaroo).

Tuesday, August 22: 5pm – Int 1st Semi Final Amaroo v Swans (S. Crowe, W. Marley), tech bench (Amaroo/Swans); 6.15pm – Int 2nd Semi Final Mustangs v Rovers (C. Jones, J. Crowe), tech bench (Mustangs/Rovers).


SWL: Collie 1 (F. Tomasini) drew Marist 1; Best Collie: C. Jones, M. Pullan, S. Burnett.

A-grade: Amaroo 6 (C. Wright 2, E. Varis, M. Del Fante, M. Crowe, T. Kirk) d Mustangs 0; Best Amaroo: C. Jones, E. Wheeler, M. Pullan; Best Mustangs: M. Fleay, D. Shepherdson, L. Cook. 

Rovers 2 (L. Crowe, A. Dalton) drew Swans 2 (J. Read Wallis, L. Massara); Best Rovers: E. Dewar, C. Swan, S. Coverley; Best Swans: L Massara, J Woods, N Gesue.

A-reserve: Vets 1 (M. Loxton) d Swans 0; Best Vets: M. Pilatti, C. Hinsey, K. McDonald; Best Swans: M. Conlan, K. Tilbrook, S. Fraser.

Rovers 2 (J. Marley, S. Dewar) d Mustangs 0; Best Rovers: D. Dye, J. Gulvin, E. Payne; Best Mustangs: R. Shae, S. Mumme, T. Mumme.

Intermediates: Mustangs 4 (G. Sheppard 2, M. Fleay, B. Bentley) d Rovers 1 (P. Marley); Best Mustangs: E. Antonovich, M. Craker, M. Fleay; Best Rovers: S. Coverley, E. Dewar, A. Briggs.

Swans 1 (J. Woods) drew Amaroo 1 (S. Burnett); Best Swans: T. Read Wallis, C. Townsend, J. Davies; Best Amaroo: S. Burnett, E. Varis, B. Pike.

C-grade: Onyx 3 (R. Fraser 2, N. Emery) d Diamonds 2 (S. Bury 2); Best Onyx: Team effort; Best Diamonds: Team effort.

Sapphires 7 (P. Marley 3, C. Townsend 2, S. Clark 2) d Rubies 2 (J. Davies 2); Best Sapphires: Team effort. Best Rubies: S. Washer, S. Schmitt, J. Davies

C-grade wind-up: C-grade finished their season last week with the last games being played and a wind-up to follow. Congratulations to all players on a successful season. Many thanks to all the coaches managers and umpires. Fairest and best for the season was Payton Marley with 30 votes from Sapphires; runner-up was Zoe Hawks on 19 votes from Diamonds. Highest goal scorer for the season was Payton Marley from Sapphires with 18 goals. MVP awards were awarded to Zoe Hawks Diamonds, Emily Williams Onyx, Jorja Davies Rubies and Payton Marley Sapphires. The trophy for the team on top went to Sapphires. Thanks to everyone on the junior committee for organising a well run and successful competition.

Under 13 State team: The association would like to congratulate Laura Crowe on making the U13 State team which will compete in Perth during the October school holidays. We wish Laura every success with her endeavours.