Collie election candidate – David Churches

Everybody knows leaders who fail to plan for the future, plan to fail. Local Government Act 1995 – Sect 5.56  says “(1) A local government is to plan for the future of the district”.  

Everybody knows Collie has no General Purpose Industrial Land(GPI) and has had none for decades. 

In early 2015, SAT, Senior Member Peter McNab in finding in favour of our businesses found that Collie had no GPI land.

Secret meetings have purported to approve hundreds of thousands of dollars of expenditure that you know nothing about. Council failed to carry out its Statutory Responsibilities because there has been no accountability to voters.

Retiring President Mr Sanford claimed Council spent a fraction of its budget costs for legal expenses. He fails to give us a figure. He notes it is not normal for council to refute claims during a local government election. 

The Shire president and CEO are instructing the people of Collie who they want, or in my case who they do not want, as Shire Councillors. This is not their decision to make. 

This is your decision. Don’t let councillors and the CEO dictate your future.  

Help us create jobs required to stop our town from dying. We need change and the time for change is now.