Roundhouse gets the nod

The Shire of Collie council voted unanimously to nominate the Collie Roundhouse for consideration for the national heritage list at the latest council meeting on February 13.

The council voted to nominate the building, which is the only remaining roundhouse in WA and is already included on both the state’s and the shire’s heritage lists, to be assessed for its possible inclusion on the national heritage list.

Currently only one building in Western Australia, the Fremantle Prison, is included on the national list.

According to council agenda, having the Collie Roundhouse on the heritage list would allow for the possibility of receiving federal funding to maintain the building, while also allowing the building to become a tourist destination.

For a place to be included on the national heritage list it must have outstanding heritage value to the nation as a result of its aesthetics, creative or technical achievements or importance in Australia’s history.

Nominations for the list closed on February 26 and will be assessed by the Australian Heritage Council and the Federal Minister for the Environment and Energy over the next 12 to months.