NBN information for Collie

NBN representatives visited Collie recently. Photo: supplied.
NBN representatives visited Collie recently. Photo: supplied.

Representatives from the NBN visited Collie recently to speak to the community and answer questions from residents about the rollout of the NBN broadband access network in town.

The NBN Sky Muster truck was set up in the Collie PCYC carpark on Friday, February 23 to help members of the community be fully informed about the switch.

Rachael McIntyre, the head of NBN local Western Australia, said there was a good turnout from the community.

“About 30 people visited the community drop-in session in Collie to speak with NBN representatives about the rollout of the NBN ... and ask questions about what they should consider before they connect to services over the NBN access network,” she said.

“Most visitors were aware the copper network was going to be disconnected soon and enquired about the specific date as well as what they needed to do to connect to a service over the NBN access network.

“People also asked about how they could get the best out of their broadband service once they had connected, particularly in relation to speed of their internet service.”

The NBN fixed line network was switched on in Collie in November 2016, meaning the 3000 homes and businesses affected have until May to switch over.

“It is important for the community to be aware that once the fixed line NBN broadband access network is switched on in an area, residents and businesses have an 18 month window to contact their preferred phone or internet provider and make the switch,” Ms McIntyre said.

“This means that the deadline for homes and businesses in parts of Collie to switch their landline phone and internet services over to the NBN broadband access network is fast approaching.”

Ms McIntyre also said it was important for people who use specialised equipment that requires a landline, such as security alarms and EFTPOS terminals, to contact their service provider.

Ms McIntyre also said the May deadline doesn’t apply to people who live on the outskirts of Collie, who have the option of remaining on the copper network or switching to the NBN fixed wireless or Sky Muster satellite services.

For more information about the NBN rollout, visit  www.nbnco.com.au.