Flynn and Pitchers in fine ‘friend day’ form

Kyle Hulls, Regan Old and Clayton Flynn. Photo: supplied
Kyle Hulls, Regan Old and Clayton Flynn. Photo: supplied

In perfect conditions for winter golf, Ian Guppy sponsored Saturday’s event.

The “bring a friend day” was a way of promoting the club to potential new members and people just interested in playing golf.

Under the modified stroke system were the limit was double par on each hole, members teamed up with non-members to have a hit.

The event was a success and hopefully can grow bigger in the future.

With everyone having a great time on the course and in the bar afterwards it was a great way to introduce people to the Club.

Clayton Flynn and Jamie Pitchers teamed up to score 150 nett to be the winners.

Flynn had the flat stick on song for most of the day, while Jamie was smashing the ball off the tee.

Runners-up in the event went to Denis Cocker and Aaron Roberts who combined steadily all day for 152.

In the stableford event runaway winner Peter Coombs brought up victory with a well compiled 40 points.

Ken Tate was runner-up with 37, followed by Tony Barker-May and Dean Rakich on 36, Ken Smallwood, Clive Pullan and Wayne Waywood 35 and rounding out the vouchers was Steven Ireland 33.

The ladies winner on the day went to Krystyna Scoffern on 35 and runner-up was Rhonda Annandale on 33.

Novelties winners: No. 4 – Clayton Flynn and Nancy Lynn, No. 6 – Brett Smith, No. 7 – Regan Old, No. 14 – Kalev Kutt, No. 15 – Bruce Jackson, No. 18 – Steve Ireland.

Thursday Scroungers attracted a good field of 44 golfers.

In a return to form Bruce Miller won with 21.

Neil Motion was next with 19, followed by Steve Gianola and Steve Farqhuar 18, Terry Massara and Dave Farr 17, Ray Alp, Phil Eldridge, Phil Warburton, Jeff Crowe and Dave Broadbent all on 16.

Special mention has to go out to the trio of Clayton Flynn, Regan Old and Kyle Hulls.

After winning the local Stoney Creek event the lads travelled to Secret Harbour to take on other local winners.

Torrential rain forced the event to a nine-hole competition, but this did not stop the team from winning the regional event by a mere one point. The trio now head off to Hamilton Island to play for the National Title over 36 holes.

Next week: 18-hole stableford Collie Mowers & More; Tuesday, leisure day; and Thursday, scroungers.