Premier Coal workers donate time for river revitalisation

Premier Coal employees volunteered their services to participate in a community planting day on the Wagyl Biddi Trail along the Collie River recently.

Premier Coal’s partnership with Leschenault Catchment Council over the last three years enabled ten workers to participate with the tree planting day and they managed to plant about 1,000 trees along the section of the trail near Railway Bridge.

Premier Coal community representative Zee Rijkuris said the workers were pleased to be able to help out.

“Premier Coal has a strong commitment to environmental management and sustainability, and we are pleased to support the Leschenault Catchment Council’s important conservation work in the Collie area,” he said.

Planting trees in the area will help improve the ecological values along the river, while adding to the beauty of Collie’s public spaces. The tree planting will contribute to creation of habitat for wildlife including frogs, birds, turtles, fish, lizards and other native creatures.