Horoscopes: week beginning Dec 9

ARIES: With Mercury in Sagittarius until January 5, many Arians will be taking stock of their long-range plans and will be working busily towards these goals. Consideration must be given to study, travel and sound advice. Work seems to be involved in these developments. There will be plenty of action on December 21-26, January 3-5.

TAURUS: Money and its management will mostly captivate Taurean minds until January 5. You’ll be making plans, lodging applications and paperwork, and negotiating. December 21-23, January 3-5 will bring out the best potential, whilst December 21-23, January 3-5 are problematic.

GEMINI: During the twenty-four days to January 5 much of Gemini’s attention will be focused on partnership commitments, whether they are personal or business. There will be greater importance attached to these issues on December 21-26, January 3-5. You have plenty to keep you busy during this time, and the pace seems relentless.

CANCER: The twenty-four days to January 5 will see you focus on health issues and work, which is fairly usual for the average Cancerian. There will be plenty of planning, reading, and communicating with these activities, as well as a few problems to be managed. December 21-23, January 3-5 bring challenges. Best days are December 21-23, January 3-5.

LEO: Your mood will be more light-hearted in the twenty-four days from December 13 as activities with a loved one, friends or children capture your imagination. There are important and enjoyable days ahead, with the calendar being marked on December 21-23, January 3-5. You certainly have a busy social schedule ahead.

VIRGO: Life at home will be hectic until January 5 as you become more personally involved with the family and domestic arrangements, especially on December 21-26, January 3-5. Some Virgo natives will bring their work home too, or will be interacting with trades people or hired help to accomplish domestic objectives.

LIBRA: With Mercury in Sagittarius until January 5, it is likely that catching up with friends and neighbours (by post or telephone) will be a number one priority. All forms of communication are strongly accentuated on December 21-26, January 3-5. Routines and communications may be confusing at various times, and you’ll need to think things through carefully.

SCORPIO: Between December 13 and January 5 life will be in full swing, as you enjoy the thrust of economic life and the companionship of friends. Money seems to be flowing into your pocket, making it a good time to sell or to apply for jobs. There are important developments in relation to these matters, especially on December 21-26, January 3-5.

SAGITTARIUS: Partnership and career matters will take priority over many other matters until January 5. This is a particularly busy time and there is much to be accomplished personally by you during this period, especially on December 21-26, January 3-5. Planning and good communication is essential to success.

CAPRICORN: Capricorn needs to pay more attention to their health and personal problems over the coming twenty-four days, especially on December 21-26, January 3-5. Perhaps it is time to take that annual break from work, and take stock of your life. You need to consider what action is best, and for some this means getting good advice.

AQUARIUS: The social butterfly will have a wow of a time in the twenty-four days leading up to January 5, as you get into the swing of the Christmas and holiday season. Best dates fall on December 21-23, January 3-5. Many will implement plans aimed at financial growth, catching up with friends, and setting goals.

PISCES: Career options will be uppermost on the minds of many Pisceans until January 5; and may be associated with banking, transport, and communications or government. Investigate your options on December 21-26, January 3-5. Your family and domestic interests will also assume greater importance in your life during this time.

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