Collie Bowling Club finalises Reuben's News Championship Pairs

Top bowlers: Winners of this year's Reuben's News Championship Pairs, Gary Keep and Ron Guilfoyle. Photo: supplied.
Top bowlers: Winners of this year's Reuben's News Championship Pairs, Gary Keep and Ron Guilfoyle. Photo: supplied.

The Reuben’s News Championship Pairs at the Collie Bowling Club were finalised last week in the culmination of the grand final, with the last year’s winners and runners-up playing off once again.

Tom Edwards and Ashley Collins were pitted against Gary Keep and Ron Guilfoyle.

Nothing separated these pairs as it went end for end, each scoring off and making it an even game throughout until the 12th end when Gary and Ron gained a two shot; then on the 13th Gary and Ron gained another two making the score 14 to 11.

On the 15th end Tom and Ashley gained a four making it 18 to Gary and Ron and 15 to Tom and Ashley.

By the 17th and last end Gary ad Ron gained a 6 to make the score 24 to Gary and Ron and 15 to Tom and Ashley.

A great game of bowls by both pairs on draw bowls and position bowls.

Winners were Gary Keep and Ron Guilfoyle and runners-up Tom Edwards and Ashley Collins.


Collie ladies travelled to Brunswick for the commencement of the second round of pennants and came away with three rink wins.

Division 2

Collie 6 points 83 aggregate def Bruns/Capel 0 points 31 aggregate;

H. Gibbs, R. Colgan, E. Johnsen, B. Old won 30 to 10;

L. Mitchell, K. Cluning, K. McElroy, E. Hindle won 24 to 13;

K. Scott, K. Snow, J. Saunders, M. Taylor won 26 to 11.


Division 1 Collie played Binningup and enjoyed a win. Division 3 Collie Blue played Bunbury and collected the four points. Collie White played Binningup and lost but scored 1 point.

Division 1

Collie 3 points 49 aggregate defeated Binningup 1 point 30 aggregate;

R. Guilfoyle, R. Garner, T. Uren, T. Welsh won 30 to 10;

K. McKenzie, J. McElroy, R. Ferris, J. Crowe lost 19 to 20.

Division 3

Collie Blue 4 points 52 aggregate defeated Bunbury 0 points 29 aggregate;

T. Gale, V. Brojanowski, M. Miller, D. Burgess won 23 to 14;

H. Wiggers, J. Godfrey, C. Sanford, N. Roberts won 29 to 15.

Collie White 1 point 37 aggregate lost to Binningup 3 points 43 aggregate;

I. Corley, B. Lowe, I. Bushell, J. Stone lost 10 to 34;

K. Richards, R. Colgan, J. Bell, L. Flynn won 29 to 9.


Another good field of bowlers took to the greens for a great afternoon of bowls. One pairs won both games.

Winner: John Waywood and Kelly Flynn with 4 points plus 18;

Second: Les McCamish and Phil Warburton with 3 points plus 5;

Third: Ron White and Hans Wiggers with 2 points plus 4.


Over the last three weeks the ladies have played the above championship in sectional play.

The winner of each section was Lyn Mitchell and Kath McElroy.

They played off in a grand final and it was a good game; both had chances but could not gain the ascendancy over the other.

They went bowl for bowl and came down to Lyn needing one to win and Kath needing three to win.

The winner was Kath McElroy, whose mother had won this event years ago.

BOYANUP FOURS – November 30

The team of Kerry Scott, Karina Snow, Judy Saunders and Maud Taylor travelled to Boyanup for their annual fours competition and came away with two wins and a draw and came runners-up. A good day was had by all who attended. 


Division 1 travelled to Busselton and came away with the full points. Division 2 stayed home against Brunswick and also came away with the full points.

Division 1

Collie 6 points 59 aggregate def Busselton Red 0 points 45 aggregate;

J. Parker, G. Carter, R. Ferris, B. Butcher won 22 to 13;

Ross White, A. Collins, G. Old, W. Stocks, won 21 to 17;

T. Edwards, J. McElroy, Ron White, R. Garner won 16 to 15.

Division 2

Collie 6 points 80 aggregate def Brunswick 0 points 42 aggregate;

K. McKenzie, J. Waywood, I. Corley, L. McCamish won 23 to 10;

R. Guilfoyle, S. Matthews, H. Wiggers, T. Uren won 29 to 12;

M. Mellor, P. Kaurin, N. Roberts, J. Bell won 28 to 20.


A good field of bowlers turned out for the scroungers to have their first game back after two weeks and all enjoyed the games.

Some good scores came out of the games. Into the Final went Max Cubic, Vicki Daniel, Lyn Mitchell and Neil Roberts.

Winner: Vicki Daniel;

Second: Max Cubic;

Third: Neil Roberts;

Fourth: Lyn Mitchell;

Highest score: Max Cubic;

Consolation: Penny Valli.