Daniel gets a seat on Crowe’s perch

Sitting pretty: Winner of the Charlie Crowe Day scroungers event, Vicki Daniel, sitting in Charlie's chair which was donated by his family. Photo: supplied.

Sitting pretty: Winner of the Charlie Crowe Day scroungers event, Vicki Daniel, sitting in Charlie's chair which was donated by his family. Photo: supplied.


A good field of bowlers contested the Charlie Crowe scroungers day at the Collie Bowling Club.

Charlie Crowe was a long-time bowler and one of the original scroungers, and his chair was donated by the family.

The rink winners to play in the semi-finals were Tom Edwards, Les McCamish, Phil Warburton, Vicki Daniel, Rick Daniel, Jamie Godfrey, and Neil Roberts.

Winner: Vicki Daniel;

Second: Jamie Godfrey;

Third: Rick Daniel;

Highest Score: Tom Edwards and Phil Warburton;

Consolation: Hans Wiggers, Rose Godfrey and Rod Cordery.


There was a good turnout for the TyrePower Pairs on Friday night last week.

After two games, there was a stand out winner. All enjoyed the conditions and the evening.

Winner: Tom Edwards and Ian Bushell with 4 points plus 22;

Second: Rod Garner and Jamie Godfrey with 4 points plus 13;

Third: Max Cubic and Penny Valli with 4 points plus 12.


A good field of bowlers attended the Pine Hauliers meat pack for the start of the New Year and all enjoyed the concept.

There was a close game between all the winners, with only one point separating all three pairs.

Winners: Jim Tyler and Peter DeBondi with 4 points plus 18;

Second: Grahame Old and Rose Colgan with 4 points plus 17;

Third: Les McCamish and Phil Warburton with 4 points plus 16.


Twenty-seven players attended and enjoyed the game.

The rink winners were Tom Edwards, Vicki Daniel, Terry Uren, Les McCamish, Jim Stone(retired), Peter Kaurin, and Jamie Godfrey.

Winner: Tom Edwards;

Second: Les McCamish;

Third: Allan Bowers;

Highest Score: Les McCamish;

Consolation: Tony Kent.


The Sunday scroungers had a good field of bowlers turn out for the Christmas morning and all enjoyed the day.

Rink winners were J. Parker, K. McKenzie, P. Kaurin, G. Riley, S. Wasielewski, M. Cubic and L. Mitchell.

Winner: Max Cubic;

Second: Jamie Parker;

Third: Kevan McKenzie;

Highest Score: Jamie Parker;

Consolation: Jamie Godfrey and Ray Colgan.


Collie Division 1 had a great game against Busselton Black on Saturday coming away with a win.

Division 2 had mixed results against Eaton.

Could all players check their fixtures for the next game of Pennants.

Division 1: Collie 6 points 53 aggregate defeated Busselton Black 0 points 48; G. Keep. G. Carter, R. Ferris, B. Butcher won 15 to 14; Ross White, A. Collins, G. Old, W. Stocks, won 18 to 16; T. Edwards, J. McElroy, Ron White, R. Colgan won 20 to 18.

Division 2: Collie 11/2 points 47 aggregate lost to Eaton 4 1/2 points 76 aggregate; K. McKenzie, J. Waywood, T. Welsh, L. Flynn won 19 to 18; R. Gilfoyle, S. Matthews, V. Brojanowski, drew 19 all; M. Mellor, J. Crowe, P. Kaurin, G. Saggers lost 9 to 29.


The ladies completed their Scotties Club Pairs on Thursday, December 20 and it came down to the last game to see who won. 

Ladies please check your fixture books for all games and check board for mixed games.

Winners: Glenice Kaurin and Bev Old; 

Runners-up: Heather Gibbs and Maria Thurmine.


A very good crowd of bowlers contested the Pine Hauliers meat pack on Wednesday, December 19 and three games were played. 

Every time you played you had a different partner and kept your own scores. 

Thirty two bowlers enjoyed the format with good prizes. 

Sponsors for the event were Station Motors and Auto One. The club wishes to thank them for their sponsorship.

Winner: George Saggers with 36; 

Second: Tom Edwards with 34; 

Third: D. Buller (Darkan) with 31; 

Fourth: Ray Colgan with 30; 

Fifth: Len Flynn with 28.


Collie ladies stayed home to play the Eaton side and had a mixed result.

Division 2: Collie 2 points 52 lost to Eaton 4 points 62; H. Gibbs, G. Kaurin, R. Colgan, B. Old won 18 to 17; L. Mitchell, K. Cluning, K. McElroy, E. Hindle won 19 to 17; K. Scott, K. Snow, J. Saunders, M. Taylor lost 15 to 27.


Division 1 played Busselton Black. 

Division 3 Collie White played Bunbury in Bunbury, while Collie Blue played Binningup in Binningup.

Ken Richards, Peter DeBondi, John Bell and George Saggers scored and eight on the third last end in Pennants.

Division 1: Collie 3 points 35 aggregate defeated Busselton Black 1 point 33 aggregate; R. Guilfoyle, R. Garner, K. McKenzie, T. Uren won 18 to 12; J. Parker, J. McElroy, R. Ferris, J. Crowe lost 17 21.

Division 3: Collie White 31/2 points 45 aggregate defeated Bunbury 1/2 point 33 aggregate; I. Corley, B. Lowe, I. Bushell, J. Stone drew 16 all; K. Richards, P. DeBondi, J. Bell, G. Saggers won 29 to 17.

Collie Blue 0 points 34 aggregate lost to Binningup 4 points 46 aggregate; Tom Gale, V. Bronjanowski, M. Iller, B. Mitchell lost 18 to 22; H. Wiggers, P. Kaurin, J. Godfrey, N. Roberts lost 16 to 24.


Starting on January 23. More teams are required before this date.