Gold medals and personal bests set at little athletics

On Saturday, January 12, 16 Collie athletes travelled to Bunbury to compete in their multi event. 

Thirty-three new personal bests and two gold medals were the result of a tough competition, with over 300 competitors from multiple centres attending.

Congratulations to U9 Xavier Stewart for being awarded a gold medal.'

Xavier also broke new personal bests in his 800m with a time of 3:05:51s and turbo javelin with a throw of 19.61m.

Congrats to U11 Gemma Buckle for also being awarded a gold medal.

Gemma broke her long jump personal best with a massive jump of 3.82m.

And well done to U10 Marni Bercene and U11 Ada Gooch for their great sportsmanship.

Most of the athletes recorded new personal bests:

U7 Billy Stewart: long jump 2.71m and 300m 1:08:08s;

U8 Lucas Stewart: discus 12.0m and 500m 1:51:40s;

U8 Devon Lackworthy-Darke: discus 12.21m, 70m 12:90s, 500m 2:02:92s and 100m 16:72s;

U8 Blake Digney: 70m 12:56s, 100m 16:41s and long jump 3.04m;

U10 Oliver Stewart: 800m 3:07:60s and turbo javelin 14.49m;

U11 Noah Stewart: discus 15.51m;

U11 Logan Gregory: discus 19.54m and 800m 2:59:27s;

U11 Isobel Kippin: 60m hurdles 13:70s, shot put 6.06m and 3:16:08s;

U12 Nina Bercene: 800m 3:35:17s, shot put 6.64m, long jump 3.31m and 60m hurdles 14:29s;

U13 An-ne Pelser: 80m hurdles 18:27s and 200m 36:78s;

U13 Sam Kippin: long jump 3.68m and 80m hurdles 17:90s;

U13 Noah Carter: long jump 3.54m, discus 18.57m and 800m 2:55:68s.