Helping to keep Collie beautiful

The South32 volunteers. Photo: Supplied.
The South32 volunteers. Photo: Supplied.

The Worsley team held their annual business clean up as part of the Clean Up Australia Day event, last Thursday, April 4. 

There were 20 volunteers who spent the morning cleaning up roadside rubbish along Gastaldo Road and parts of Mornington Road, along both the east and west ends of the road.

The company takes part in the event each year as part of the annual Clean Up Australia Day event that the Rotary Club of Collie runs in town and consider Gastaldo Road their responsibility to clean up. 

Along with the usual bottles and cans, food containers and take away coffee cups - the gorup picked up lots of discarded clothing, bits of furniture, tyres and car parts and a box (of not so well hidden) adult movies.