Shire of Collie votes to support pet meat facility

The Shire of Collie council has voted unanimously to renew the planning approval of a kangaroo meat processing facility during a meeting on Tuesday, May 28.

The home-based processing facility on Chapman Street, owned by Jason Corradetti, has been operating for almost 18 months following its approval by the council back in January 2018.

In his planning application to the council, Mr Corradetti stated that he wished to secure a tender with the Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions to supply it with kangaroo meat for baiting programs.

Three residents filed submissions objecting to the planning proposal, stating the operation was not compatible with a rural-residential zone and had the potential to impact property prices and disturb amenity.

The original application divided the council at the vote, with councillors questioning whether the application complied with the shire's Local Planning Scheme.

A motion for the application's approval was 5-5 before Shire of Collie president Sarah Stanley used her casting vote to support the motion.

The council issued the development approval valid for 12 months, subject to a series of health and safety conditions.

Under the conditions imposed as part of the council resolution, the facility can process no more than 100 kangaroo carcasses weekly and operations must not interfere with the local amenity or cause excessive noise, smell, fumes, smoke or wastewater.

The application reached council for review in February 2019 before being released to surrounding residents for public consultation.

According to shire officers, site inspections undertaken at the premises in January and May of this year found the facility complied with the conditions of the planning approval.

With no public feedback received for the latest application, council opted to renew the planning approval for a further 12 months unless the applicant is found to have breached the conditions imposed.