Shire of Collie local government elections

2019 Shire of Collie Council candidates: Top row (L to R): Gary Faries, Brett Hansen, Elysia Harverson, Joe Italiano. Bottom row (L to R): John Kearney, Ian Miffling, John Piavanini and Brent White. Photos: Supplied.
2019 Shire of Collie Council candidates: Top row (L to R): Gary Faries, Brett Hansen, Elysia Harverson, Joe Italiano. Bottom row (L to R): John Kearney, Ian Miffling, John Piavanini and Brent White. Photos: Supplied.

Gary Faries

I am a sitting councillor and would like to be re-elected to carry on the good work I have been part of for the last 4 years. I believe in open and honest communications and am always available to listen to my ratepayers issues. I do my best to represent my communities views and willing to challenge to meet my communities needs when required.

M: 0417 171 275; 4 Regent St, Collie.

Joe Italiano: I am about to complete my first term on Council, and seek a second. During my first term I've used skills gained while WA regional manager for Rural Press/Fairfax Media to focus on areas where I can have influence, such as local job creation, buying, planning and budgeting. I believe in keeping rates down and fully utilising Council resources. I have served on a number of committees. I chair the Townscape, Weeds and Waterways, Access and Inclusion and Museum Transition committees. Despite our challenges, Collie has an exciting future but we need councillors who pull together to ensure the best possible outcomes. I believe my local interests, long term commitment to Collie and track record enable me to be an effective voice on council. I urge all to use their vote and ask you to consider giving me your support. If re-elected I will work for all ratepayers.

P: 9734 1158; PA: 14 Hargreaves St, Collie.

John Piavanini

I am 74 and semi-retired, have been self employed for the past 50 years in heavy maintenance, mining parts, bulldozing, farming and property rental. I have been a councillor for the past 18 years. I am a foundation board member for the Collie Community Bank which has funded numerous projects in Collie over the past 20 years. I am currently on the board of the revamped museum and the Veteran Car Club Collie. I am the State president of the Vintage Tractor and Machinery Association of WA. I have in the past been on the boards of the Collie Chamber of Commerce and the Bunbury Wellington Alliance, as well as a past president of the WA Axeman's Council. If re-elected I will strive to continue to keep Council running an efficient business-like operation as I have with my own endeavours.

M: 0418 931 285; PA: 7 Heil Crt, Collie; E:

John Kearney

Born, schooled and worked all my life in Collie. Married for 36 years with my wife Barbara and 2 adult boys, Luke and Daniel. I have always been an active person in Collie's future development and have voluntarily been involved in committees such as the Collie Miners Welfare Board (chairman), Combined Collie Mining Unions (president) and Coal Futures Group. Currently I am a member of the Collie Futures Economic Advisory Committee and a reliable support to other Collie community and government officials who are sourcing knowledge on a local perspective or past history. If elected I will operate with integrity, an open mind and a strong commitment to assisting the economic and development of the Collie community in any way possible.

PA: 30 Archer St, Collie.

Elysia Harverson

I am seeking your vote to serve a second term as a Collie Shire councillor. I have thrived in this role over the past four years and pride myself on making fair, informed decisions with the best interest of our community in mind. I'm proud we have managed the Council's finances efficiently, by keeping rate increases to a minimum while ensuring essential services continue and new projects develop. Over the past 12 months the Council has focused on economic stability for Collie's future. I believe we need to diversify our economy while supporting our coal and energy industries as long as possible. I've also been very supportive of business and development applications that have come through Council. But there is more to be done and I hope to continue to serve on Council as I have always done - with honesty, integrity and transparency.

M: 0477 360 087; E:; FB:

Brent White

Firstly, I would like to commend the current councillors on their drive to improve and grow with the Collie economy. Having lived my whole life in Collie and now experiencing what the region offers with my young family, I truly believe Collie is on-track to bigger and better things. I'm nominating as a councillor as I'm eager to contribute, ensuring there is a voice for the community. I work in the building sector and have been employed in small business for 17 years. I believe with the right support small business can thrive, as a current executive member of the Collie Chamber of Commerce and Industry I have been privileged enough to participate in making this happen. The sustainability of business which will support future employment opportunities will be a priority of mine and with collaborative communications across community, industries and stakeholders, I believe we can achieve great things.

M: 0439 922 588.

Ian Miffling

Currently I am your deputy shire president and believe I have contributed to my role as a Collie Shire councillor to the best of my ability and always with honesty and fairness in my decision making processes. With your support I would like to continue as one of your elected representatives. As we know Collie is in a process of change. Much more work is required in this area and with your support I can assist in meeting our future challenges. We can all make Collie an even more vibrant community both economically and socially. There have been many improvements within the district over the past few years; Central Park, cycle trails, road and footpath upgrades just to mention a few and it is my wish to see even more improvements in the future. I promise to work hard on your behalf to build a better future.

P: 9734 1826; M: 0417 500 042; PA: 24 Denton St, Collie; E:

Brett Hansen

I have lived my entire life in Collie and have watched my family grow in the town. I am an active member of the community through various leadership roles on the Collie Men's Darts Association, Collie Eagles Football Club and Collie Cricket Association. I'm a big believer in putting back into the communities I've been involved in because I want to ensure others are able to get as much out of them as I have been lucky enough to. Sport, and particularly junior sport, is a passion of mine and will do everything I can to help it remain the backbone of community. It is always great to see young people learn skills that not only help them on the field but also in wider life. I want this town to continue being a place where families can find secure work in order to live and grow.