Faces of Collie at art gallery

The faces of Collie will don the walls of the art gallery this weekend as artist Alistair Taylor shows his latest exhibition 0.76 per cent - Portraits of a Population.

The exhibition is the Darlington artists second showing at the Collie Art Gallery after coming second in the inaugural Collie Art Prize last year.

Since then Mr Taylor has shown his appreciation to Collie by visiting the town several times since, meeting 55 locals and painting their portraits which he said portrays .76 per cent of the population.

"I wanted to make the whole thing relate to Collie and the surroundings rather than just a bunch of paintings that I happen to have done," he said.

"I was pursuing something else when I spotted a bloke with a bald head and a magnificent beard, a train driver, as it turned out, so I asked if I could take his picture. Luckily he said 'Yes.

"We've put as many of the portraits on the flyer and website as we could. This should increase the chance that someone will spot themselves, or a mate, and be more likely to come along and see the show."

Mr Taylor's first showing at the Collie Art Gallery was in the 2018 Collie Art Prize with his piece named Synchronymity (96 Alistair Taylors) and depicted 96 people on Facebook who shared his first and last name.

Entries are now open for the 2020 Collie Art Prize and gives West Australian artists the opportunity to be in the running to with a new prize valued at $5,000 which includes the opportunity to hold an exhibition at the Collie Art Gallery.

Entries close January 3, 2020.